Kenya Plastics Pact launched

Kenya most recent country to launch a plastics pact within the Ellen Macarthur Foundation’s global initiative; aims to by 2030 achieve 100% reusable or recyclable plastic packaging with 40% effectively recycled and a minimum of 15% recycled content

Studies discuss EDC sources, exposure, and human health effects

Scientific studies investigate human endocrine-disrupting chemical (EDC) exposures and effects; Canadian study finds bisphenols migrate from baby bottles and sippy cups; reviews report of widespread presence of bisphenols, parabens, and benzophenones in human breast milk and addresses current misunderstandings about the impacts of EDCs on child health

2021 FPF Workshop: Proceedings available

9th annual Food Packaging Forum workshop brings stakeholders from different fields together to discuss the latest science, policy, and stakeholder collaboration across the field; presentation videos, slides, and summary articles now available

2021 FPF Workshop: Understanding supply chains and improving policies

On the second day of the Food Packaging Forum’s annual workshop, speakers discuss the investments necessary to understand complex food and packaging supply chains and the benefits of taking the time to do so; assessing plastic circularity through a more honest assessment of the post-consumer life of plastics; the ongoing work of European Commission’s food contact materials policy revision

2021 FPF Workshop: Tools to prioritize societal health

On the third day of the Food Packaging Forum’s annual workshop, speakers discuss the new Understanding Packaging Scorecard that helps improve packaging procurement decision making, how regulators assess food packaging in the lab and on the market, new projects investigating plastics, and how understanding game theory in group decision making can lead to societal benefits

Spain plans ban of plastic packaging for fruits and vegetables

Following France’s example, Spain’s Ministry for Ecological Transition is drafting a decree to ban the sale of produce wrapped in plastic by 2023; wants to discourage sales of drinks in single-use plastic bottles by encouraging the installation of drinking fountains and bottle reuse systems

UN report highlights impact of plastics on human rights

UN Special Rapporteur on toxics and human rights issues report on the stages of the plastics cycle and their impacts on human rights; calls “the whole cycle of plastics… a global threat to human rights”

Plastic packaging: A risk to food companies?

New report of NGO ClientEarth explores risks of single-use plastic packaging; warns investors that food companies and supermarkets neglecting plastic pollution-related risk to face reputational damage and legal action

Another step towards a UN plastics treaty

Peru and Rwanda introduce a draft resolution to negotiate a global plastic pollution treaty at the inaugural United Nations Ministerial Conference on marine litter and plastic pollution; 33 countries sign on as co-sponsors; more than 80 other nations support a UN resolution on plastics

Japan revises positive list for FCMs

Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare publishes revised version of positive list for food contact materials (FCMs); applies to utensils, containers, and packaging made of synthetic resins; 83 substances added to the list of plastic polymers, 192 to coatings, 29 to monomers, and 121 to additives