Toxic chemicals in recycled plastics products

New study by environmental health organizations finds brominated flame retardants in children’s food contact articles and other products made of recycled plastics; call against recycling of hazardous waste

Opinion: Loopholes in proposed EU laws for single-use plastics

Rethink Plastic alliance of NGOs warns that definition of single-use items is ‘too narrow,’ allowing to avoid bans or reduction measures by marketing them as reusable; NGOs deliver petition to EU Parliament ahead of vote on single-use plastics regulation on October 22, 2018

Brand audits identify top polluters

Report by Greenpeace and Break Free From Plastic names 10 global companies whose products appear to be the biggest contributors to plastic pollution worldwide based on findings from beach cleanups and brand audits

Opinion: Plastic recycling a ‘false promise’

Engineer estimates U.S. plastic recycling rate below 5% in 2018, calls for ‘real solutions’ to plastic pollution such as reduced production of single-use plastics, implementation of deposit schemes

Draft regulation for plastic FCMs in Latin America

Argentina notifies World Trade Organization of proposed revisions to Mercosur regulation on plastics and polymeric coatings for food contact; comments accepted until November 4, 2018

Global plastic platform

United Nations launches global plastic platform to encourage collaboration and innovative solutions to help realizing countries’ commitments on plastics

Prioritization of chemicals associated with plastic packaging

Phthalates in plastic packaging prioritized for further assessment of their impact on human health and the environment

Chemicals in plastic packaging listed as potential EDCs

The Endocrine Disruption Exchange adds 26 substances used in plastic packaging to its list of potential endocrine disrupting chemicals

Amendment to EU plastic FCM regulation planned

EU notifies WTO of amendment to plastic FCM regulation; authorization of 3 new food contact substances and other specifications foreseen

California bans plastic straws

U.S. state California prohibits providing plastic straws in sit-down restaurants unless requested by customers; law takes effect January 1, 2019