National Geographic’s packaging challenge

“Ocean Plastic Innovation Challenge” to reward innovations in food packaging, focus on using easily recycled materials without additives; submissions due June 2019

“Future Food Initiative” launched

Swiss companies partner with local universities on research program aimed to provide affordable nutrition, accelerate healthy foods, search for sustainable packaging

OECD webinar on plastics

Webinar focused on improving plastics recycling rates, avoiding environmental impacts; built on earlier OECD report

Economics of plastic recycling

McKinsey & Company release study examining the potential of plastics recycling technologies; estimates $60 billion in profit growth for petrochemicals and plastics sector

Coca-Cola to share packaging technology

Beverage producer Coca-Cola announces sharing of plant-based packaging technology with competitors

Edible packaging market expected to grow

Market study predicts development of the edible packaging market at compounded annual rate of 6.8%; expected to be worth over $1 billion by 2023

Plastic waste discussed in Davos

Panel at World Economic Forum discusses plastic waste and approaches for future; multiple industry announcements made related to plastics recycling and re-use

Development of biodegradable water bottle

Nestlé partners with Danimer Scientific to develop biodegradable plastic bottle for its water business

Restriction proposal on microplastics

ECHA notifies of intent to prepare restriction dossier for intentionally added microplastics in all consumer and professional products

12th amendment to EU plastic FCM regulation

EU Regulation on plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food amended; changes made to include three new substances and modify use and migration limits