Plastic Health Summit talks published

Event brings together scientists and advocates to discuss latest research on micro- and nanoplastics, plastic additives, and health; presentations recorded and now publicly available

The Story of Plastic documentary premiers

New documentary follows the life cycle of plastics, interviewing stakeholders across five countries; screenings scheduled at film festivals in the U.S., discussions underway for widespread distribution

Calls for reduced production instead of increased recycling

Greenpeace calls for reduction of single-use plastic production rather than promotion of recycling solutions; Plastic Pollution Coalition argues for promoting reuse rather than recycling; U.S. lawmakers discuss new bills under Save Our Seas Act, receive similar calls from stakeholders to favor reduction

ExeMPLaR webinar series on plastics

University of Exeter research hub to host monthly webinars focusing on aspects within Regional Plastics project; first webinar takes place October 8, 2019; all events to be recorded and made available to registered members

Registration of polymers in REACH

NGO ChemSec argues that registering polymers under REACH is ‘overdue’; registration would provide vital information about polymers’ properties and use

HEAL publishes infographics on FCMs

New series of infographics by the Health and Environmental Alliance focuses on presence of chemicals in food contact materials, toxicity, plastics, and health effects; launched in connection with the Plastic Health Summit on October 3, 2019

Spanish biomonitoring study on plastic exposure

Published study investigates concentrations of 15 phthalates and 12 phenols in urine samples from 20 adults, finds highest concentrations of monoethylphthalate and methylparaben, all phthalates detectable in all adults

Ireland developing single-use plastics ban

Minister announces potential strategy to ban range of single-use items, introduce fee for manufacturers that wrap foods in non-recyclable plastic, implement bottle deposit return scheme

Plastics value chain stakeholders sign declaration

Over 100 stakeholders commit to reaching target to annually use 10 million tons of recycled plastics in new products in Europe by 2025; Coca-Cola executive discusses need for a call to action within the industry; ACC publishes infographic on chemical recycling

7th Swiss Green Economy Symposium discusses plastics

Annual event brings together range of stakeholders, holds innovation forum to discuss plastics use; Swiss authority calls for more research into terrestrial plastic pollution, advocates following precautionary principle; industry questions current economic viability of chemical recycling