EFSA working group on recycling plastics: 23rd meeting

Updated meeting minutes of EFSA’s CEF Panel working group on recycling plastics now available online

FPF Webinar: Food packaging in the circular economy

Food Packaging Forum presents its new study on the chemical safety of food packaging materials in the circular economy in webinar on June 26, 2018; registration now open

UN: Is plastic pollution poisoning us?

Head of UN Environment discusses chemical migration from plastic food packaging, microplastic pollution, calls on people to ‘break up with single-use plastic’

11th amendment to EU plastic FCM regulation

EU Commission publishes 11th amendment to plastic FCM regulation, authorizes 2 new food contact substances, changes specific migration limits for 2 existing Union List substances

Quantifying migration of whitening agents from plastics

EU reference laboratory for FCMs develops analytical method for quantification of fluorescent whitening agents migrating from plastic beverage cups

UN: ‘Beat plastic pollution’

New report by UN Environment reviews global state of plastic pollution and counteracting measures, provides policy recommendations to reduce single-use plastics and improve waste management

Recycling industry launches ‘RecyClass’ platform

Plastics Recyclers Europe introduces online tool ‘RecyClass’ to assess recyclability of plastic packaging, aims to combine knowledge of recyclers and packaging producers to improve packaging design for recycling

BfR statement on polyamide oligomers

German risk assessment institute evaluates migration of polyamide oligomers from kitchen utensils into food; exposure likely to exceed threshold of toxicological concern; call for more toxicity studies

Hazardous chemicals in black plastic food containers

New study detects bromine and heavy metals in black plastic food contact items; recycling of black plastic electronic waste into sensitive consumer goods discussed as source of hazardous chemicals

Where do collected recyclables go?

New York Times addresses China’s ban on waste imports, illustrates impacts on recycling programs in the U.S. and globally