Food additives and child health

Policy statement and technical report by American Academy of Pediatrics describe child health effects of direct and indirect food additives, provide recommendations for reducing exposures, call for revision of food additives regulation in the U.S.

Chemicals associated with plastic packaging

Study compiles database of chemicals associated with plastic packaging (CPPdb); at least 148 substances highly hazardous, many untested or unknown

NGOs comment on EC’s roadmap for EDCs

Health and Environment Alliance calls on EU Commission to include actions aimed at exposure reduction into its roadmap for EU framework on EDCs; CHEM Trust requests addressing EDCs across all EU legislations

NGOs comment on UN EDC reports

ChemSec and CIEL discuss UN overview reports on endocrine disruptors, highlight value of SIN List, importance of using scientific information for policies and regulations

Opinion: FCMs must be included in EU phthalates restriction

European Environmental Bureau (EEB) and CHEM Trust call on EU Member States to extend proposed REACH restriction of phthalates DEHP, DBP, DIBP, BBP also to food contact materials

Consultation on EU roadmap for EDCs

EU Commission publishes roadmap for broader coverage of endocrine disruptors, plans activities in research, linking of science and regulation, cooperation, communication; stakeholder comments accepted until July 19, 2018

EFSA and JRC continue to collaborate

EFSA and EU Joint Research Centre reinforce cooperation in food and feed safety areas, including food contact materials

Overview reports on EDCs in the environment

International Panel on Chemical Pollution and UN Environment release 3 overview reports on global initiatives to identify endocrine disruptors, environmental exposures and effects, existing regulatory frameworks

Special issue on EDCs and behavior

Special issue of peer-reviewed journal Hormones and Behavior focuses on endocrine disrupting chemicals’ effects on behavior; articles address molecular mechanisms, animal studies and epidemiological observations, discuss specific chemicals including BPA, triclosan, PBDEs, PFASs

Recommendations for non-toxic environment

Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL) calls on EU Commission to release strategy for non-toxic environment, recommends 12 priority actions