Belgian survey and national action plan on EDCs

Independent insurance fund carries out survey, finds nearly half of citizens have little to no knowledge about endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs); recommends greater public awareness, policies to prevent consumer exposure, use of safer alternatives; Belgium developing national EDC action plan

Overview of regulations and risk assessment of EDCs in FCMs

Peer-reviewed article provides summary of migration and risk assessment methods used internationally to address endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) in food contact materials (FCMs); discusses legislative trends, remaining challenges

EC publishes working documents on EDC fitness check

European Commission (EC) publishes set of staff working documents detailing outcomes of the fitness check on endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs); recommends simplifications, moving towards single assessment approach, applying data generated within other legislation to food contact materials, considering mixtures

‘The trouble with plastics’

Special issue of peer-reviewed journal Birth Defects Research presents a collection of articles on plastics’ effects on human health, with a particular focus on early development

Recent studies on EDCs and cardiovascular health

Emerging evidence and systematic analyses highlight adverse effects of bisphenols and phthalates on cardiovascular health; meta-analysis of US National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey data from 2003-2016 finds significant association of cardiovascular disease with bisphenol A; prenatal exposure particularly detrimental; calls for more mechanistic research, evaluation of cardiovascular safety profiles for substitution chemicals

EU’s Chemicals Strategy plans actions on FCMs

European Commission (EC) publishes Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability; plans to ban PFAS for all non-essential uses, move towards grouping approach for regulation of all chemicals; specific actions for food contact materials (FCM) include extending generic approach to risk management, identifying endocrine disruptors, considering cumulative effects of chemical mixtures

CHEM Trust launches website focused on EDCs

New site to serve as resource for concerned consumers on endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs); provides overview of the substances and how they can impact human and environmental health; specific page provides guidance for food contact materials and articles

Online symposium on EDCs and health impacts

Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL) together with Belgian Independent Health Insurance Funds to host online symposium on November 19, 2020; focus on reducing health impacts from endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs); set to feature talks from health and policy experts; registration free of charge

Consumer organization’s position paper, survey on FCMs

German consumer organization publishes position paper; identifies fragmentations, holes in current EU regulations on food contact materials (FCMs); critical of limited supply chain transparency, enforcement of chemicals in FCMs by authorities; calls for banning harmful substances, introducing strict positive lists; survey of 1,000 consumers finds most are not well informed about food packaging labelling, proper use

Stakeholders pressure EU Commission on chemicals strategy

Corporate European Observatory concerned lobbying from chemical manufacturers will convince authorities to weaken ambition for reforms; EU member states send letter to Commission calling for long-term strategy for toxic-free circular economy; public petition launched calling for Commission to live up to its own commitments