EU commission calls for additional FCM testing

European Commission asks EU member states to carry out additional tests to determine prevalence of substance migration from food contact materials and articles; recommendation targets primary aromatic amines, bisphenols, plasticizers, and fluorinated compounds

German newspaper reports on plastic packaging

Plastic food packaging topic of article in German newspaper taz; focusing on regulation, knowledge gaps, recycling; experts provide background information

EFSA BPA re-evaluation: 8th meeting

EFSA CEP Panel publishes minutes of the 8th meeting of its Working Group on bisphenol A safety re-evaluation; scoring approach to be tested for validation; more experts needed to cover metabolic and carcinogenic effects

EFSA BPA re-evaluation: 6th and 7th meetings

EFSA CEP Panel publishes minutes of the 6th and 7th meetings of its Working Group on BPA safety reevaluation; experts discuss appraisal methodology and scoring schemes, identify need for additional WG members to tackle reprotoxicity and neurotoxicity assessment

EFSA BPA reevaluation: 5th meeting

EFSA’s CEP Panel Working Group on BPA safety reevaluation holds 5th meeting; minutes available online

TMBPF as BPA alternative for coating epoxies

Article in Chemical Watch discusses tetramethyl bisphenol F as an alternative monomer to produce bisphenol-based epoxies without endocrine activity

Meta-analysis of BPA’s link to diabetes

Meta-analysis of epidemiological studies finds positive association between BPA exposure and type 2 diabetes risk

EFSA BPA reevaluation: 3rd and 4th meeting

EFSA’s CEP Panel Working Group on BPA safety reevaluation holds 3rd and 4th meeting; minutes available online

BPA and prostate cancer risk

CLARITY-BPA academic study confirms increased susceptibility to hormonally induced prostate cancer in rats developmentally exposed to bisphenol A

Lower BPA limit for baby soothers

European Committee for Standardization (CEN) lowers migration limit for bisphenol A in baby soothers to 0.01 mg/L