Migration of chemicals and microplastics from microwavable plastics

Scientists analyze migration of chemicals and microplastics from microwavable food containers; identify dozens of intentionally and non-intentionally added substances and up to over one million microplastics per liter in food simulants; migration partly exceeds Cramer class-based recommendations

Studies investigate plastic packaging use, EDCs, and reproductive health

Recent research articles look at relationship between endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) from packaging and human reproductive health; find no relationship between a woman’s reported use of plastic food packaging and pregnancy duration and birthweight; identify potential non-monotonic dose-response relationship between di-2-ethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP) exposure and woman’s reported infertility

Study: migration into dry foods higher than US FDA assumption

Comprehensive literature review in the journal Food Additives and Contaminants investigates substance migration into dry foods and food simulants; review analyses: foods off store shelves, foods and food simulants in experimental settings, food particle characteristics, and packaging material; finds migration commonly exceeds 50 µg/kg assumed migration rate of dry foods according to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Experts call for ban of new biodegradability promoting additives

Food packaging experts call for banning a new group of biodegradability promoting additives used in food packaging, cite concerns over uncontrollable degradation, migration of and human exposure to potentially hazardous chemicals; finds them distracting from real solutions such as new business models incorporating reuse

Second episode of ‘Unwrapping Food Packaging’ video blog released

Food Packaging Forum publishes second episode of new video blog; discusses if low levels of chemicals migrating from food packaging are safe; introduces viewers to the concepts of non-monotonic dose response, endocrine disrupting chemicals, mixture toxicity, and timing of exposure

Open access e-learning platform on food packaging sciences

Erasmus+ project FitNESS launches interdisciplinary e-learning platform; independent learning resource about food packaging and related topics from food science and technology, packaging technology, material science, toxicology, mass transfer, thermodynamics

Flexible film stakeholders consider toxic chemicals

Collaboration led by RCD Packaging Innovation brings together 80 representatives from flexible film packaging supply chain; focuses on addressing issues needed to achieve ‘waste-free future’; identifies migration of toxic chemicals as priority area with significant efforts still needed

Overview of regulations and risk assessment of EDCs in FCMs

Peer-reviewed article provides summary of migration and risk assessment methods used internationally to address endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) in food contact materials (FCMs); discusses legislative trends, remaining challenges

First episode of the ‘Unwrapping Food Packaging’ video blog published

Food Packaging Forum launches new video blog explaining key topics within the field of food packaging and health; host Jane Muncke introduces viewers in the first episode to fundamentals of chemical migration, low dose exposures, and chemical mixtures

FPF Workshop 2020: FPF year in review

Martin Scheringer reviews the Food Packaging Forum’s work in 2020; discusses scientific consensus statement on food contact chemicals (FCCs) and health, ongoing projects aiming to understand contribution of FCC exposure to chronic diseases of public health concern