Flexible film stakeholders consider toxic chemicals

Collaboration led by RCD Packaging Innovation brings together 80 representatives from flexible film packaging supply chain; focuses on addressing issues needed to achieve ‘waste-free future’; identifies migration of toxic chemicals as priority area with significant efforts still needed

Overview of regulations and risk assessment of EDCs in FCMs

Peer-reviewed article provides summary of migration and risk assessment methods used internationally to address endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) in food contact materials (FCMs); discusses legislative trends, remaining challenges

First episode of the ‘Unwrapping Food Packaging’ video blog published

Food Packaging Forum launches new video blog explaining key topics within the field of food packaging and health; host Jane Muncke introduces viewers in the first episode to fundamentals of chemical migration, low dose exposures, and chemical mixtures

FPF Workshop 2020: FPF year in review

Martin Scheringer reviews the Food Packaging Forum’s work in 2020; discusses scientific consensus statement on food contact chemicals (FCCs) and health, ongoing projects aiming to understand contribution of FCC exposure to chronic diseases of public health concern

Webinar on migration testing for recycled plastics

Free webinar by Aspen Research on October 21, 2020 to present on chemical migration from materials, share case studies on recycling process testing often needed to achieve regulatory approval

HEAL report on hazardous chemicals in plastics

Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL) publishes overview report on plastic types, additives, and associated health impacts; illustrates life cycle of contained chemicals and resulting exposures; calls for revisions to regulations to be protective, consistent, anticipatory, communicative

Salinity of fatty food could influence migration

JRC scientists investigate influence of salinity level of food simulants on migration; argue that not only fatty content but also salinity of food needs to be considered when choosing migration testing conditions for polar migrants

Safety of dishes made of wheat pulp or wood

Scientists analyze volatile compounds migrating from single-use dishes made of wheat pulp or wood; products considered safe for food contact use with respect to volatiles’ migration; migration of non-volatile substances and safety of high-temperature applications requires further study

Migration from bamboo-containing plastic FCMs

Scientists detect dozens of volatile and non-volatile substances migrating from ‘bamboo’ food packaging; melamine migration exceeding specific migration limit; conclude bamboo-melamine articles ‘a risk to consumer’s health,’ their promotion as biodegradable ‘a fraud to consumers’

Free online course to inform about food packaging safety

University of Torino to launch five-week virtual course on November 9, 2020; aims to inform broad audience about the potential health risks of packaging and food contact materials, how research contributes towards safer packaging, and the role of governments, industry, and consumers