Scientists warn over-production of chemicals altering planetary systems

Peer-reviewed study finds pollution from synthetic chemical production and plastics is now altering planetary systems vital to human survival; recommends implementing cap on chemical production and release similar to greenhouse gases

Ghana publishes roadmap for ‘radical’ reduction of plastic pollution

Ghana National Plastic Action Partnership publishes roadmap to reduce plastic use and pollution in the country; includes 11 case studies of projects already underway; outlines strategies for both public and private institutions to contribute to the vision

Report summarizes US role in marine plastic pollution

US National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine publishes report outlining US contribution and response to global ocean plastic waste; identifies data gaps and recommendations for US policy action across the supply chain; says US should ‘substantially’ reduce waste generation

UNEP reports assess impacts of global plastic pollution, potential solutions

Two publications from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) provide overview and assessment of global challenges related to marine litter and plastic waste; include set of infographics summarizing key thematic areas; book chapter proposes organizing diverse problem formulations and potential solutions to plastic pollution into a conceptual framework, considers necessary value judgments and world views

IPEN webinar discusses interdisciplinary issues underlying microplastic pollution

International Pollution Elimination Network (IPEN) webinar explores issues beyond microplastic pollution into the relationship between the plastics supply chain, hazardous chemicals, and policy; speaker argues we need accurate descriptors of the problems around plastics if we are to create solutions; recording available in English, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, French, and Russian

Why do “chemicals” need simplifying?

Scientists’ Viewpoint proposes ‘chemical simplification’ to deal with increasing chemical pollution; names reduction of number of chemicals used in products and grouping approaches as cornerstones for simplification and innovation in science and engineering as prerequisite

Plastic packaging: A risk to food companies?

New report of NGO ClientEarth explores risks of single-use plastic packaging; warns investors that food companies and supermarkets neglecting plastic pollution-related risk to face reputational damage and legal action

FPF comments on UN food systems summit strategy paper

Food Packaging Forum director comments on report outlining food packaging opportunities for the upcoming UN Food Systems Summit; suggests including plastic pollution as a food systems issue for discussion

New tool for scoring food packaging: UP Scorecard

Understanding Packaging (UP) Scorecard evaluates and compares impacts of foodware and food packaging; beta version of the tool published, new features and expanded product coverage planned; developed by a multistakeholder collaboration including the Food Packaging Forum

Food packaging identified as primary source of aquatic litter

Nature Sustainability publishes research integrating litter inventories from seven aquatic environments around the globe; finds food packaging makes up the largest share of litter in all aquatic environments (50-88%), except the open ocean; of 112 litter types, 10 make up 75% of litter; top 4 items come from food packaging (44% of total): plastic bags, plastic bottles, food containers, cutlery, and wrappers