Soil microbes eat biodegradable plastic

Swiss and Austrian researchers show that soil microorganisms fully metabolize biodegradable polymer polybutylene adipate terephthalate; European Bioplastics deems doubts about biodegradable plastics clarified

Opinion: Unlearn how to waste plastics

Article by Environmental Health News discusses increasing challenge of plastic waste driven by economic pressure and growth; recycling and bioplastics deemed ‘simple solutions’ incapable of meeting problem’s scale

France to tax non-recycled plastic packaging

French government plans to make products packaged in non-recycled plastic more expensive than those using recycled packaging

UK: Most plastic food packaging unrecyclable

UK Local Government Association finds only one third of collected plastic food packaging is recyclable, calls for better packaging design, ban on low-grade plastics, greater contribution of producers to cost of collection and disposal

Plastic pollution a risk for business

NGO ClientEarth outlines four types of material business risks faced by companies that create plastic waste, urges companies to ensure these risks are properly dealt with

Waste wave

Large quantity of plastic marine debris washed ashore after storm in Dominican Republic

Debating environmental risks of microplastics

Scientists debate the urgency of research and actions on microplastics in the environment, present models to estimate accumulation of plastic debris and contaminants, assess risk of microplastics in the ocean

Life cycle analysis of marine litter

Industry-sponsored workshop brings together experts in marine biology and life cycle analysis for studying marine litter to select ‘best possible design and stewardship options’

EU environment committee votes on plastics strategy

EU Parliament’s Environment Committee supports EU Commission’s overall plans for plastics in circular economy, suggests further measures on microplastics, single-use plastics, hazardous chemicals

G7 charter on plastics

Canada, France, Germany, Italy, and UK sign plastics charter, commit to more recycling and reuse, recovery of all plastics, reduction of single-use plastics