FPF Webinar: Food packaging in the circular economy

Food Packaging Forum presents its new study on the chemical safety of food packaging materials in the circular economy in webinar on June 26, 2018; registration now open

Where do collected recyclables go?

New York Times addresses China’s ban on waste imports, illustrates impacts on recycling programs in the U.S. and globally

Food packaging in the circular economy

New FPF scientific publication summarizes safety aspects of commonly used food packaging types after recycling, shows typical chemical contaminants, discusses further measures for safe food packaging in the circular economy

Recyclable coffee to go cups

UK company develops coffee to go cup made from recycled paperboard and one-piece plastic inner liner, claims cups are recyclable in ‘standard recycling facilities’

Chemicals of concern in Swiss food packaging

Swiss national tv channel reports on study by Swiss authorities that revealed elevated levels of mineral oils, plasticizers, photoinitiators, chlorinated substances in sampled paper and board food packaging

Fluorinated chemicals in cake packaging

Danish consumer council finds elevated levels of fluorinated substances in 3 out of 21 paper and board packagings of ready-made cakes; test results indicate decreased intentional use of fluorinated chemicals in baking paper since 2016

Swiss authorities investigate paper and board packaging

Enforcement campaign finds mineral oils, plasticizers, photoinitiators, chlorinated substances in paper and board packaging; >50% of companies could not demonstrate legal compliance

Webinar: PFASs in food packaging

Cancer-Free Economy Network holds webinar on per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances in paper-based foodservice packaging on March 28, 2018; registration now open

In vitro tests for toxicological profiling of FCMs

In vitro assays demonstrate significant biological activity in extracts from diverse food contact articles made of paper and board; bioassays expected to become accepted tool for assessment of FCM safety

Webinar on toxicity of paper and board FCMs

Collaborative on Health and the Environment holds webinar on in vitro testing of paper and board food contact materials, January 18, 2018; registration now open