Updated draft of German mineral oil ordinance

German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture proposes requiring use of a functional barrier in food contact materials containing recycled paper; exemptions can be granted by demonstrating migration below 0.5 mg MOAH/kg food or 0.15 mg MOAH/kg food simulant; comments accepted until November 18, 2020

Diageo, PepsiCo, Unilever announce plastic-free, paper-based bottle

Described as being world’s first; manufactured from ‘sustainably sourced wood,’ said to be fully recyclable and adhering to food-safety standards; first bottle to be released in early 2021

Market report forecasts food packaging growth through 2025

Report by research firm Markets and Markets focuses on “eco-friendly food packaging”; expects paper and paperboard packaging to post significant growth through 2025 with Asia-Pacific region to see largest increase; growth catalyzed by stringent regulations and shift in consumer preferences

Recyclability guidelines for paper-based packaging

New Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI) guidelines address designing paper-based packaging for recycling, aimed to be generally applicable to European markets

SVI annual conference 2020

Swiss Packaging Institute (SVI) to hold annual event on January 14, 2020; presentations will focus on packaging in the circular economy with a focus on plastic and paperboard packaging; registration open until December 15

Protypes of paper beer bottles presented

Community of brands developing paper-based bottles; aims to create 100% bio-based, recyclable paper bottle without use of polymers

Danish testing of printed paper packaging

Danish Consumer Council tests for UV filters and primary aromatic amines (PAAs) in colorful paper food contact articles, finds PAAs above recommended levels

Recycling challenges for McDonald’s paper straws

Restaurant chain working with waste management providers in the UK and Ireland to improve recycling of its paper straws; paper thickness initially causing recycling complications, straws being treated temporarily with general waste until solution found

Contamination found in paper straws

Swiss government laboratory tests paper drinking straws purchased from grocery stores and restaurants; finds chloropropanols, mineral oils, photoinitiators

CEPI call for EU paper and board FCM measures

Confederation of European Paper Industries (Cepi) sees potential disadvantage for paper and board food contact materials (FCMs) from lack of harmonized legislation, calls for EU institutions to prioritize material type for legislation development