Over 200 substances now on SVHC list

European Chemicals Agency adds 4 new entries on the list of substances of very high concern (SVHC); substances potentially relevant for food contact materials

EU identifies four phthalates as endocrine disrupting

European Chemicals Agency identifies phthalates DEHP, BBP, DBP, DIBP as having endocrine disrupting properties; these substances already placed on Authorization List for being toxic to reproduction

ECHA adds database features

European Chemicals Agency releases features and improvements for chemicals database; updates provide links to relevant regulations and activities, REACH factsheets, nanomaterial data

Changes to REACH authorization process

European Chemicals Agency announces planned changes to the authorization process for chemicals under REACH; to require submission of substitution plans, revision of format for scientific committee opinions, standardize opinion texts

ECHA to increase REACH checks, review mixtures

European Chemicals Agency announces a number of upcoming changes and efforts; plans to increase REACH dossier evaluations to 20%, categorize high tonnage substances, launch pilot project reviewing classification of mixtures within CLP regulation

ECHA: Classification and labeling updates

European Chemicals Agency’s committee for risk assessment publishes opinions for harmonized classification and labeling; uses of chromium trioxide under discussion

ECHA conference and Helsinki Chemicals Forum

European Chemicals Agency hosts conference on current priorities for chemical regulations in the EU; annual international forum hosts multi-stakeholder discussions on risk management options, chemical grouping, plastics and circularity, and access to data

ECHA report maps chemical universe

First Integrated Regulatory Strategy report allocates registered chemicals into four pools; calls for optimizing data generation, reviewing still pending follow-up actions, improving quality of registration information

ECHA to prioritize REACH enforcement

European Chemicals Agency asks national enforcement agencies to prioritize enforcement of REACH evaluation decisions; proposes to review all dossier hazard data for substances above 1 metric ton by 2027

Resorcinol inclusion in CoRAP criticized

Guest column in Chemical Watch criticizes the inclusion of resorcinol in the Community Rolling Action Plan (CoRAP) for 2019-2021 to be assessed by France due to potential thyroid effects; points out to previously concluded evaluation by Finland, lack of remaining data gaps or new information to justify re-evaluation