New EFSA phthalates working group: 1st meeting

EFSA’s CEP Panel working group on phthalates reassesses safety of DBP, BBP and DEHP for food contact plastics; new meeting minutes now available online

More retailers take part in annual ranking

Non-profit organization Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families includes 12 new retailers in annual ranking of progress towards eliminating toxic chemicals and using safer alternatives

South Korea to prohibit BPA and phthalates in FCMs for children

South Korea notifies WTO of intended ban on bisphenol A, dibutyl phthalate, benzyl butyl phthalate in food contact materials for infants and young children

Chemicals in plastics leaching into food

Article in Vox summarizes health concerns related to chemicals in plastic food packaging, discuss U.S. regulatory system, recommend actions to limit exposure

DEHP and neurodevelopment

Systematic review of di-(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate finds DEHP exposure affects intelligence quotient, psychomotor development

Unwanted chemicals in drinking bottles

Norwegian Consumer Council finds phthalates, bisphenols, brominated flame retardants, chlorinated paraffins leaching from reusable plastic drinking bottles into water

Microplastics are ‘everywhere’

U.S. radio station WBUR summarizes challenges and issues related to microplastics pollution

Industry opposes update of phthalate authorization

European Plasticisers deems inclusion of endocrine disrupting properties of DEHP, DBP, BBP, DIBP in Authorization List ‘unnecessary overregulation’ that will put ‘excessive burdens’ on industry

Chemical exposures during pregnancy

Washington Post discusses exposure to environmental chemicals during pregnancy, risks posed to unborn children

EFSA: 6th FIP network meeting on FCMs

EFSA’s Food Ingredients and Packaging Scientific Network held 6th meeting on food contact materials on July 10-11, 2018, discussed ongoing activities, printing inks, paper and board FCMs