DEHP authorized for the manufacturing of aircraft engines

European Commission granted first authorization for DEHP

Chemical exposure associated with low testosterone levels in humans

Phthalate concentrations in humans linked to declined testosterone concentrations

Phthalates from food contact materials

New study analyzes phthalates in French wines and spirits, polymers and coatings on storage tanks identified as major source

U.S. Representatives urge action on phthalates

U.S. Representatives send letter to U.S. FDA and Consumer Product Safety Commission

U.S. may permanently ban 5 phthalates

U.S. government agency recommends permanent ban of 5 phthalates from toys; substances also used in food contact

New chemical biomonitoring data

US agency publishes report on human exposure to environmental chemicals, includes new data on phthalate alternative

Infant phthalate exposure from diet exceeds safe levels

The Washington Post reports on new study on phthalates, infant exposure estimated twice as high as safe level

Danish phthalate ban dropped

European Commission estimates Danish phthalate ban to contradict EU rules, Danish Minister of the Environment drops ban for the time being

Sweden: Phthalate use in products

Swedish survey maps phthalate use in products, alternative plasticizers on the rise

Opinion: Exposure to EDCs is trivial

Forbes reports on the link between obesity and endocrine disrupting compounds