Sweden: Phthalate use in products

Swedish survey maps phthalate use in products, alternative plasticizers on the rise

Opinion: Exposure to EDCs is trivial

Forbes reports on the link between obesity and endocrine disrupting compounds

Lawsuit over DiNP listing as hazardous substance

American Chemistry Council files lawsuit over DiNP listing as hazardous substance

Phthalates and male fertility

Father’s chemical exposures come under scrutiny in new epigenetic research project

DEHP infant exposure may exceed safe levels

New study reviews literature on phthalate exposure and diet, estimates infant exposure to DEHP to exceed US EPA’s reference dose

Avoiding drinking water from garden hoses

CBC news advises against drinking water from garden hoses; may leach phthalates, BPA & lead above drinking water standards

Research to develop affordable phthalate alternative

US National Science Fund grants fund to University of California, research on safe and affordable phthalate alternative

BPA and phthalates linked to weight gain

New study links body weight to BPA and phthalate exposure, first prospective cohort study on BPA and weight gain

Q&A Twitter session on plastics

Sense about Science holds Q&A on plastics packaging on Twitter, answers by Alan Boobis from the Imperial College London and an industry representative

EDC safety threshold may be inaccurate

Medical Press reports on new EDC study, human and rat testes respond differently in two thirds of cases