CARBIOS to produce PET bottles from textile waste

CARBIOS announces production of PET bottles from enzymatically recycled PET textile waste; ability to tap new previously disregarded sources of materials for recycling

Ellen MacArthur Foundation publishes new upstream innovation guide

New report on upstream innovation introduces mindset, gives guidance to implement elimination, reuse, and material recirculation; demonstrates successful implementation in several case studies; provides interactive resources to stakeholders

New Plastics Economy progress report 2020

Ellen MacArthur Foundation summarizes progress made by business and government signatories since 2019; identifies focus towards increase of recycled content, phasing out problematic items; sees little development in increasing plastic packaging recyclability, reducing single-use packaging

China works on strategy for recycled FCMs

National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment (CFSA) surveys industry on the use of recycled food contact materials and initiates ‘basic research’ to inform development of risk management strategy for recycled FCMs

Packaging sustainability during the pandemic

Consultancy McKinsey & Company publishes paper on consumers’ views towards sustainability in packaging, as influenced by COVID 19 pandemic; urges more focus on proactive communication with consumers and supply chain partners, holistic approach to sustainability and hygiene requirements


Rapid and cost-effective non-animal-based in vitro bioassays can be used to improve the toxicological testing of food contact materials; journal article reviews currently available assays and future challenges

Circular economy

A circular economy seeks to maintain the value of products and close the material loops in industrial systems, while minimizing waste and reducing raw material and energy inputs. Increased recycling of food packaging waste is seen as an important component enabling the transition to a circular economy, but it presents particular challenges, especially with regard to chemical safety.

UN urges removing hazardous additives in plastics

Report by United Nations’ regional center investigates presence of toxic substances added into plastics; identifies key chemical classes and product categories of concern; calls for redesigning materials, transparent ingredient labelling, increased producer responsibility

Update of circular packaging design guidelines

FH Campus Wien publishes third edition of its Circular Packaging Design Guideline; provides recommendations for designing recyclable packaging; updated to reflect new legal and structural framework conditions, country-specific details

Greenpeace report on reusables

Greenpeace launches report on reusables, argues that ‘reusables are doable’ also during the pandemic, which thus should not be used as an excuse to stick with throwaway plastics