Innovating business models for the circular economy

Strategic innovation agency Switchrs discusses the importance of innovating business models to transition towards a circular economy; reviews recent EU report on the plastics value chain

Initiative for a circular bio-based Europe

EU Commission publishes roadmap outlining proposed initiative for developing research partnerships; aims to drive innovation, value creation from waste and biomass; open for public comment until August 27, 2019

OECD on policies for sustainable plastics design

Global forum discusses design of sustainable plastics from chemicals perspective within circular economy, publishes meeting report and working paper investigating policy approaches, identifying gaps and opportunities

World Circular Economy Forum 2019

Conference in Helsinki, Finland focuses on discussing how to scale up transition to circular economy, includes session on plastics and circular bioeconomy

EFSA recycling plastics group: 6th meeting

EFSA’s CEP Panel’s working group on recycling plastics 2018-2021 continues discussing draft scientific opinions on several plastic recycling processes; minutes of the 6th meeting now available online

EU conference on chemicals policy 2030

European Commission hosts multi-stakeholder conference on chemicals policy; discusses setting criteria for green and sustainable chemistry, chemicals in the circular economy, and fair competition from foreign manufacturers

California to act on single-use plastics

Senate and Assembly of California address circular economy and plastic pollution; focus on reduction and domestic recycling of single-use plastics

Book about reuse

Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s New Plastics Economy initiative launches book about reuse; outlines reuse framework, identifies 6 major benefits of reuse to business and consumers, gives 69 reuse examples

Guidance on sorting for recycling

Plastics Recyclers Europe publishes guidance on sorting to enable high-quality recycling

Single-use plastics directive coming into force

EU’s single-use plastics directive now published in the Official Journal of the EU