Food packaging in the circular economy

New FPF scientific publication summarizes safety aspects of commonly used food packaging types after recycling, shows typical chemical contaminants, discusses further measures for safe food packaging in the circular economy

China authorizes new substances for food contact

Chinese National Health Commission approves 4 substances for use in coatings and as adhesive, expands use of 2 existing food contact chemicals

90% of U.S. food cans BPA-free

Can Manufacturers Institute reports that 90% of food cans sold in U.S. use BPA-free can coatings; typical replacements are acrylic and polyester coating materials

EU regulation on BPA in FCMs published

EU Commission issues new regulation on the use of bisphenol A in plastic food contact materials, varnishes and coatings, infant ‘sippy’ cups; applies from September 6, 2018

Focus on ‘BPA-free’ products

Article discusses common BPA substitutes and whether products labeled ‘BPA-free’ are safer

High throughput in vitro testing of BPA analogues

Scientists analyze estrogen- and androgen-like properties of BPA analogues using cell-based high throughput microscopy-employing tests; demonstrate anti-estrogenic and anti-androgenic properties of TMBPF

BPA in cans from ethnic stores

Center for Environmental Health provides information on BPA presence in coatings of cans sold in small ethnic stores in U.S.; finds BPA in coatings of over 90% of surveyed cans; calls for listing of these products in California’s Proposal65 database on BPA

International food contact compliance conference

Italian Institute of Packaging holds 4th International Conference on Food Contact Compliance on September 20-22, 2017 in Baveno, Italy; program and registration now online

Harmonizing national EU legislations on coatings

Belgian and Dutch authorities work on harmonized migration conditions for food contact coatings, invite industry associations for input

Industry opposes listing BPA as SVHC

Trade association PlasticsEurope files court action against ECHA for including bisphenol A in the list of substances of very high concern