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UNWRAPPED Project releases FCM factsheets

Zero Waste Europe announces publication of nine factsheets as part of the UNWRAPPED Project; developed to help communicate human health risks associated with chemicals in food packaging; experts call for industry and policymakers to limit single-use packaging, take precautionary approach towards hazardous chemicals in food packaging

IPEN: Gender inequality and chemical exposure

New report by International Pollutants Elimination Network (IPEN) highlights the effects toxic chemicals have on women, special vulnerabilities faced from toxic exposure; provides recommendations to safeguard the health of women, includes focusing on phasing out hazardous chemicals highly impacting women, preventing pregnant women from working with hazardous chemicals

PFAS alternatives for paper food packaging

Article in Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety discusses alternatives for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in paper food packaging; considers lamination with waxes and polymer films, alternative surface sizing and coatings; views finding cost-effective, fully biodegradable, and environmentally friendly alternatives challenging

Annie’s to eliminate phthalates from processing equipment, packaging

Annie’s Homegrown tells stakeholders it is working to eliminate all ortho-phthalates present in food processing equipment and packaging; announces its product phthalate levels are below European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) limits; identifies phthalates issue as widespread, complex, affecting whole supply chain

Review analyzes link between ortho-phthalates and ADHD

Targeting Environmental Neuro-Development Risks (TENDR) project publishes review in American Journal of Public Health analyzing link between ortho-phthalate exposure and impaired neurodevelopment, behavioral disorders such as ADHD; authors call for strong governmental and cooperative action, recommend reducing phthalate exposure from e.g. diet, medical equipment, personal care products

ECHA finds health benefits outweigh costs of REACH restrictions

European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) study analyzes costs and benefits of REACH restrictions proposed during 2016-2020; finds public health benefits of €2.1 billion per year outweigh costs of €0.5 billion per year; restrictions protect over seven million EU citizens from cancers, sexual development disorders, asthma, skin allergies; prevents annual release of 100 000 tons of polluting chemicals

Krebsliga hosts Environment and Cancer Forum

Krebsliga (Swiss Cancer League) forum discusses interaction of environmental factors and cancer; brings together experts from academia, non-governmental organizations, and industry; addressed topics including endocrine disruptors, migration, risks posed by chemical mixtures

Chemicals change gut microbiome in children

Study in Environmental Science Technology Letters investigates presence of semi-volatile organic chemicals (SVOCs) and associated changes in microbiome of 79 children with 43 SVOC biomarkers detected; study includes phthalates, phenols, per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS); less abundant microbes replaced due to higher sensitivity to chemicals, increased abundance of dehalogenation bacteria observed; more extensive studies needed to verify results and understand human health implications

New book discusses chemical pollution, reproductive health

Reproductive epidemiologist Shanna Swan publishes book discussing link between declining sperm count and chemical pollution; describes observed changes in sexual development, effect on long-term health; offers advice on how to protect oneself and unborn life from chemical exposure; upcoming webinar scheduled for February 23, 2021

Open access e-learning platform on food packaging sciences

Erasmus+ project FitNESS launches interdisciplinary e-learning platform; independent learning resource about food packaging and related topics from food science and technology, packaging technology, material science, toxicology, mass transfer, thermodynamics

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