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Nordic declaration on ocean plastics

Environment and climate ministers of Nordic countries release declaration calling for ‘global agreement to combat marine plastic litter and microplastics’

Global strategy on plastic pollution

United Nation Environmental Assembly (UNEA) discusses marine plastic litter and microplastics; over 90 international organizations endorse strategy to fight plastic pollution

Food contact chemicals in life cycle assessment

Scientists present life cycle impact assessment method to include human exposure to chemicals in food packaging, discuss trade-offs, interpretation, data needs, consideration of additional toxicity concerns

Regulation of single-use plastics

UN Environment releases report on global ‘regulatory landscape’ for single-use plastics and microplastics in 192 countries, calls for more consolidation in policies worldwide

POPs regulation endorsed by European Council

European Council endorses recast of Persistent Organic Pollutants Regulation, adopts 500 ppm limit for brominated flame retardants and 10,000 ppm limit for short-chain chlorinated paraffins

Microplastics in aquatic environment

Microplastics2018 conference addresses sources, fate, effects of microplastics in waste water and aquatic ecosystems

Brand audits identify top polluters

Report by Greenpeace and Break Free From Plastic names 10 global companies whose products appear to be the biggest contributors to plastic pollution worldwide based on findings from beach cleanups and brand audits

Global plastic platform

United Nations launches global plastic platform to encourage collaboration and innovative solutions to help realizing countries’ commitments on plastics

Waste wave

Large quantity of plastic marine debris washed ashore after storm in Dominican Republic

Debating environmental risks of microplastics

Scientists debate the urgency of research and actions on microplastics in the environment, present models to estimate accumulation of plastic debris and contaminants, assess risk of microplastics in the ocean

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