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New textbook on designing safer and more sustainable chemicals

Academic scientists from ETH Zürich publish textbook teaching fundamental tools, methods, and concepts for designing chemical products and processes; includes life cycle assessment, product and process risk assessment, thermal safety, key regulations, societal dialogue; features workable case study developed with industry partners

LCA study investigates impacts of beverage packaging types

Scientists from University of Southampton publish life cycle assessment (LCA) estimating primarily environmental impacts of five types of packaging across three beverage categories; find lowest impacts caused by recycled aluminum cans for pressurized drinks, Tetra Pak for fruit juices, cartons for milk

FPF Workshop 2020: Proceedings available

8th annual Food Packaging Forum workshop focuses on linking policy-making with scientific research to improve the safety of food contact materials; video recordings, presentation slides, and summary articles now available online

FPF Workshop 2020: Scientific research and policy making

Six speakers share their views on how to improve food contact material (FCM) safety; different approaches might complement one another; linking scientific research, policy making and industry initiatives could be the key to safe FCMs

EU initiative to standardize quantification of environmental impacts

European Commission publishes roadmap, inception impact assessment; initiative aims to require companies to substantiate environmental footprint claims made about their products or services, reduce ‘greenwashing’; open for feedback until August 31, 2020

PVC additive assessment tool

Industry initiative Vinyl Plus announces creation of tool to assess life cycle impacts of additives used in the production of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) products; civil society groups criticize the approach as ‘greenwashing and misleading’

Study integrates PFAS into life cycle assessment

Researchers create framework to consider the impacts of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in life cycle assessment (LCA); develops impact characterization factors within USEtox model; finds that even low PFAS emissions can have large effects on LCA results

Review of food packaging attributes on life cycle impacts

Peer-reviewed article in the journal Environmental Science and Technology reviews 71 published life cycle assessment (LCA) studies comparing packaging; investigates correlation of attributes such as recyclability and being biobased on total environmental impacts, recommends against focusing on individual attributes

Plastics and climate change

CIEL report highlights plastics’ contribution to climate change, urges global ban on single-use plastics

JRC updates footprint methods

European Commission Joint Research Center updates its product and organizational environmental footprint methods; now includes characterization factors for more chemicals describing freshwater ecotoxicity, non-cancer and cancer toxicity

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