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BPA substitutes and chromosomal abnormalities

Mice exposed to low doses of BPA, BPS, diphenyl sulfone, BPF, BPAF exhibit chromosomal abnormalities that persist for several generations, according to new study in Current Biology

EDCs impact neurodevelopment across generations

Scientists obtain epidemiological evidence demonstrating adverse effects of EDC exposure on neurodevelopment in humans across several generations

Epigenesis in response to stress and toxicants

Adverse environmental influences during childhood act through epigenetic mechanisms to increase disease rates in adults; trigger factors include stress and childhood trauma, malnourishment, exposure to toxicants

DEHP and male reproductive health

New research finds reproductive abnormalities in male mice prenatally exposed to DEHP and their succeeding generations; 3rd generation effects most pronounced at lowest exposure dose

Epigenetics in risk assessment

Current state of epigenetics science and potential integration of epigenetic effects into risk assessment discussed at EFSA colloquium

Meeting on epigenetics and omics

Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry and Environmental Omics Synthesis Centre host symposium on environmental and (eco)toxicological omics and epigenetics on September 12-15, 2016 in Belgium

Colloquium on epigenetics and risk assessment

EFSA hosts scientific colloquium on epigenetics and risk assessment on June 14-15, 2016 in Valencia; registration open until April 27, 2016

EFSA: three video sessions of 2nd scientific conference published

Highlights of the sessions on epigenetics, weighing evidence, and environmental risk assessment summarized

Focus on obesogens

Extensive article in The Scientist explains obesogens and why they are of concern

Experts emphasize developmental exposures

Experts gather at a conference to discuss early-life environmental hazards and long-term health outcomes

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