China requests comments on new FCMs, chemicals

National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment calls for public comment on new food contact materials (FCMs) and chemicals as well as expanded uses; feedback accepted until March 11, 2020

China to ban single-use straws, plastic bags

Country’s National Development and Reform Commission announces ban of straws by 2020, non-degradable plastic bags by 2022, restaurant industry to reduce single-use plastic use by 2025

China solicits comments on FCMs, new resins

Agency announces expanded uses for three food contact materials and articles, three new resins, and one new food contact substance; public comments accepted until December 25, 2019

Chinese consultation on five food contact substances

China’s National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment calls for comments on five food contact substances; includes glass fiber, polymeric substances for use in paper, coatings

China publishes food safety law implementation

State Council of China releases implementation regulation for national food safety law; set to come into force on December 1, 2019

Chinese public consultation on 21 substances

Authorities open public consultation on 21 substances used in food contact materials; focus placed on additives and resins that are new or being considered for expanded use scope or level; comments accepted until September 19, 2019

Draft Chinese FCM adhesives standard

Chinese National Centre for Food Safety Risk Assessment publishes draft standard for adhesives used in food contact materials; includes positive list of base polymers, maximum use amount, migration limits; public consultation open until July 20, 2019

China calls for data on 24 substances

Chinese ministry requests data on physical-chemical properties, toxicity, production & use, environmental exposure for set of chemicals; 17 are used in food contact materials; feedback open until August 31, 2019

KH reviews developments in Chinese regulations

Law firm Keller and Heckman LLP publishes summary of updates in Chinese regulations affecting food packaging; release of further regulations and standards expected in 2019