China approves six food contact substances

National Health Commission announces approval of two additives, three additives with expanded scope, one new food contact resin

China approves expanded usage for two FCMs

China sets new limits for 2 food contact materials; polyethylene can be added at 0.3% to polyoxymethylene (POM); carboxy styrene-butadiene latex can be added to pressure-sensitive adhesives used in indirect food contact

China criticized for screening packaged foods for coronavirus

China finds coronavirus on food packaging from 20 countries, restricts the import of food products, does not share lab results; attracts criticism from trade partners that demand end to restriction, more information on used testing methods; World Trade Organization (WTO) meeting to reconcile conflict not successful

China modifies standard on inks used in FCMs

China modifies draft standard for inks used on composite food contact materials and articles; specifies safety requirements, basic requirements, limits on impurities and migration; provides requirements for labelling of inks

China proposes additions to FCM positive list

China’s National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment opens public consultation on three new substances for use in manufacture of food contact materials (FCMs), expanding the scope of use for three additives

China works on strategy for recycled FCMs

National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment (CFSA) surveys industry on the use of recycled food contact materials and initiates ‘basic research’ to inform development of risk management strategy for recycled FCMs

China publishes five draft FCM standards

National Health Commission (NHC) standards refine existing requirements for composites, printing inks, paper/paperboard, bamboo/wood, and detergents used in food contact; public comments being accepted until November 30, 2020

China outlines restrictions on single-use plastics

Ministry of Commerce announces increased oversight on use of disposable plastic items by businesses; sets ban on range of single-use plastic items including plastic shopping bags, tableware, hospitality products

China approves new FCMs, additives, resins

National Health Commission announces newly approved additives for food contact materials (FCMs), expanded FCM uses, and resins for use in plastics and coatings

China calls for comments on food contact substances

China’s National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment solicits comments on new food contact substances and resins, expanded uses