Quantifying migration of whitening agents from plastics

EU reference laboratory for FCMs develops analytical method for quantification of fluorescent whitening agents migrating from plastic beverage cups

Many unknowns about biodegradable plastics

New scientific review points out shortcomings in biodegradability standards for plastics; lack of toxicity testing; no account for effects of plastic additives, microplastics formation

Plastics additives and recycling

Scientists review chemical additives in plastics, addressing migration and environmental impact during their use, disposal, and recycling; emission of toxics and contamination of recycled products should be avoided to ensure health and environmental protection

Opinion: Consumers want healthy food

Removing unwanted ingredients such as BPA from food products is good, however highly processed foods remain the less favorable diet option compared to fresh, unprocessed foods

Migration vs. solubility

New scientific study finds that in certain cases migration studies can be substituted by solubility measurements; modified OECD method shows solubility of select antioxidants, UV stabilizers in some food simulants is below SMLs

Phthalates may increase risk of miscarriage

New study finds association between exposure to phthalates (DEP, DiBP, DnBP) and risk of pregnancy loss

NGO finds propyl paraben in food

Environmental Working Group detected direct and indirect food additive propyl paraben in nearly 50 US snack foods

FDA approves fluoropolymer additive for use in FCMs

Oil, grease and water resistance additive Cartaguard® KST approved for use in paper and board packaging

EFSA approves polymeric additive for use in FCMs

New additive copolymer in nanoform to be used in PVC and PLA