EU agreement on single-use plastics

EU Council and Parliament provisionally agree on new Directive restricting several single-use plastic products, including cutlery, plates, straws, certain food and beverage containers

EU Parliament adopts general food law revisions

European Parliament votes to accept proposed regulatory changes to improve transparency; measures include speed-up of EFSA processes, common register of studies, criteria for confidential business information

How can EU reach ambitious recycling goals?

Special report by Euractiv discusses Europe’s new waste laws and how extended producer responsibility and deposit return schemes can help EU countries reach recycling targets

ECHA: Registrations must ‘reflect the most up-to-date knowledge’

European Chemicals Agency reminds companies of legal obligation to review and update REACH registration dossiers ‘when new information becomes available’

REACH debate at EU Parliament

Members of EU Parliament react to German study showing a third of REACH registrations non-compliant; calls for publicizing the list of infringing companies, more efficient dossier evaluation, stricter enforcement

EU Parliament adopts single-use plastics rules

EU Parliament adopts report on EU Commission’s proposal for regulation of certain single-use plastic articles contributing to marine litter

EU Parliament adopts drinking water report

EU Parliament adopts report on EU Commission’s proposal for revision of drinking water directive; increased use of tap water for drinking expected to reduce littering by plastic bottles

EU Parliament debates single-use plastics

EU Parliament debates directive on reducing marine litter from plastics, including restrictions for specific single-use plastic products; final vote scheduled for October 24, 2018

Opinion: Loopholes in proposed EU laws for single-use plastics

Rethink Plastic alliance of NGOs warns that definition of single-use items is ‘too narrow,’ allowing to avoid bans or reduction measures by marketing them as reusable; NGOs deliver petition to EU Parliament ahead of vote on single-use plastics regulation on October 22, 2018

ENVI adopts EU bans on single-use plastics

EU Parliament’s Environment and Public Health Committee adopts draft EU directive on polluting single-use plastics and marine litter; European Parliament (EP) publishes key facts about plastic in the oceans, informs about the impact of litter and actions for reduction