The research project “Hazardous chemicals in plastic packaging: State of the art, prioritization, and assessment” is a multi-partner collaboration led by the Food Packaging Forum (FPF). The project is funded by a grant from the charitable Swiss-based MAVA Foundation and will run from mid-2017 until mid-2019.

The aim of the project is to compile current scientific information and make it accessible to all stakeholders. A special focus will be placed on human and environmental health, as well as socio-economic impact. Further, the project will also analyze substitution options for the most hazardous chemicals.

15 May 2018: First results will be presented at the SETAC Europe conference on May 15, 2018 (download the extended abstract). A blog article describing the presentation and the slides are available on our project partner CHEM Trust’s webpage.

20 July 2018: The manuscript “Chemicals associated with plastic packaging: Inventory and hazards.” has been submitted to the peer-reviewed scientific journal Science of The Total Environment. The manuscript is available as preprint, together with the database on Chemicals associated with Plastic Packaging (CPPdb). A blog article is available on our project partner CHEM Trust’s webpage.


Food Packaging Forum: Dr. Jane Muncke, Dr. Ksenia Groh, Dr. Birgit Geueke

University of Gothenburg, Department of Biological & Environmental Sciences: Dr. Bethanie Carney-Almroth, Prof. Thomas Backhaus, Dr. Pedro Inostroza

University of Gothenburg, Centre for Environment & Sustainability: Dr. Daniel Slunge

Dr. Maricel Maffini, independent consultant, Baltimore, MD, USA

New York University, School of Medicine: Prof. Leonardo Trasande

ChemSec International Chemical Secretariat: Dr. Anna Lennquist, Dr. Jonathan Kleimark

CHEM Trust: Dr. Michael Warhurst, Dr. Anna Watson

previously involved in the project: Dr. Heather Leslie, VU Amsterdam, Netherlands.