The Threshold of Toxicological Concern, short TTC, is a concept for assessing the risk of single chemical exposure to human health. It establishes generic exposure thresholds based on chemical structure below which chemicals are assumed to be safely used. In the absence of toxicological data, regulators, academic scientists and industry experts are using the TTC to perform chemical risk assessments.

On October 17, 2013 the Food Packaging Forum held a workshop offering a platform for balanced information and scientific debate to decision makers and scientific experts. Participants were given an understanding of the relevant scientific background of the TTC concept, thus providing the ground for a balanced, science-based discussion about the TTC’s use in chemical risk assessment. The workshop was an excellent basis for discussing the TTC’s use in chemical safety assessment beyond food contact materials. 90% of respondents to the questionnaire collected after the meeting considered the content of the workshop excellent. Participants valued the wide variety fo speakers and views, as well as a high level of expertise present during the meeting.


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