On November 25, 2020, Politico convened a high-level debate with experts about sustainable packaging and its contribution to a low carbon circular economy. Panelists included:

  • Florika Fink-Hooijer, Director General for DG Environment, European Commission
  • Jan Huitema MEP (Renew Europe, Netherlands), rapporteur for the ENVI Committee on the Circular Economy Action Plan
  • Jane Muncke, Managing Director, Food Packaging Forum
  • Heike Schiffler, Vice President Sustainability Europe and Central Asia, Tetra Pak

Key questions addressed included:

  • How can the EU’s circular economy goals contribute to making packaging more sustainable?
  • How can the industry help optimize the design of packaging with the aim of easing recycling and using fewer resources? And can the sector contribute to a low carbon circular economy?
  • Does a shift back to single-use packaging in light of the coronavirus pandemic make sense?
  • What will be the impact of the plastic tax on the packaging industry? Will it encourage the use of other materials?
  • How could the EU improve the traceability and transparency on chemicals in food contact materials?


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Politico (November 25, 2020). “Will the EU be ready for all packaging to be sustainable by 2030?


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