The 2016 annual Food Packaging Forum (FPF) workshop took a closer look at “Modern science to inform regulation of food contact materials in the circular economy.” Our fourth workshop followed the unique concept of previous FPF workshops in its cross-thematic, cross-stakeholder approach. We brought together experts from different perspectives and backgrounds—from academic scientist to business decision maker, from regulator to retailer, from consumer advocate to food manufacturer. FPF workshops are one of a kind, because we create the optimal environment for a constructive and respectful dialogue that enables stakeholders with different expertise and different opinions to meet and learn from each other.

This year’s workshop was distinguished by two sessions: The morning session on “Modern science to inform regulation of food contact materials” was dedicated to providing an update on the most current scientific understanding of chemical risk assessment as it applies to food contact materials. In the afternoon session, the focus shifted to “Food contact materials in the circular economy:” How does chemical safety of food contact materials play out in the sustainable future? What aspects do regulators, businesses and consumers need to take into consideration for shifting our economy from a linear, “take, make and dispose” concept to being circular, healthy and sustainable? Where are opportunities for innovation, and where are the most pressing research needs?

On the evening before the workshop, FPF hosted a casual pre-workshop dinner which was an excellent opportunity for networking and meeting different experts in an informal setting.


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