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73 mio t of plastic film will be used in 2021

Smithers Rapra publishes a report on the future of global plastic films market; forecasts an annual growth rate of 3-6% and a demand of 73 million metric tons to be reached by 2021

PP and HDPE recycling by Pokas Arcadian Recycle

EFSA evaluates ‘Pokas Arcadian Recycle Ltd’ process for recycling of PP and HDPE for food contact applications; concludes that the process is insufficiently characterized regarding its ability to remove potential contaminants

EDC criteria: Recent meetings

DG SANTE publishes summaries of recent meetings concerning the proposed EDC identification criteria ; asks EFSA and ECHA to develop a harmonized guidance document for the implementation of EDC criteria

Styrofoam ban discussed in Jamaica

Editorial in The Cleaner discusses a potential ban of plastic and styrofoam food containers in Jamaica

SIN list highlights FCM chemicals

New feature allowing to filter for FCM-relevant chemicals has been added to the SIN List of hazardous substances maintained by the International Chemical Secretariat

Database on alternative test methods

EURL ECVAM DataBase service on advanced and ALternative Methods (DB-ALM) publishes 2014-2016 report; outlines developments in information content, system evolution, outreach

Register to be an observer at EFSA’s CEF Panel meeting

65th plenary meeting of EFSA’s CEF Panel open for observers on November 30, 2016 in Brussels; registration ends November 8, 2016

EDCs’ burden of disease

Scientific study estimates the costs of EDC-caused disease and disability at >2% of U.S. gross domestic product; calls for improvements in EDC screening and proactive prevention; American Chemical Council criticizes study sharply

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Latest FPF report

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs)

Chemistry, applications, health concerns, and regulation of PFASs.


FPF dossiers are thoroughly researched by trained scientists. They provide in-depth background information about different topics pertinent to food contact materials and health. The dossiers compile scientific knowledge, market data and regulatory background in an easily accessible format. Dossiers include available data on chemical migration into food and effects on human health.

The Food Packaging Forum Foundation

The Food Packaging Forum Foundation (FPF) is a science communication organisation. It is a charitable foundation based in Zurich, Switzerland. The FPF provides independent and balanced information on issues related to chemicals in food packaging and other food contact articles, and their impact on health. The FPF’s work addresses professional stakeholders, including business decision makers, regulators, scientists, media and communication experts. FPF is not a grantmaking foundation.


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