The 2020 Food Packaging Forum (FPF) Workshop took place virtually on October 21-23, 2020 under the theme “Improving the chemical safety of food contact articles: Linking policy-making with scientific research.” The event featured a range of high profile speakers from different areas of expertise who provided insights into the latest science and policy-making within the field, as well as discussed how these two sides could better interface with one another. The interactive event brought together over 200 registered participants, offering an international platform for exchanging views and ideas with stakeholders from around the world.

The Food Packaging Forum has been granted permission from most of the speakers to publicly publish the presentations given and their accompanying slides. The presentation recordings and their slides are available below. A series of summary articles have also been published reporting on each of the presentations. The Whova virtual platform will remain open for registered participants to continue discussing with one another and networking until April 2021. For any questions related to the workshop, please contact events(at)


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