Food Packaging Food Contact Material* Typical Migrants Typical uses
Paper Paper (recycled and/or printed)
  • Printing inks (including benzophenones) [1]
  • Mineral oils [2]
  • Anthraquinone [3]
Dry food packaging such as flower, sugar [1]
  PE (polyethylene) coating
  • Polyolefin oligomeric saturated hydrocarbons (POSH) [4]
  Non-stick coating
  • Perfluorinated compounds [56]
Carton board Carton (recycled and/or printed)
  • Printing inks (including benzophenones)  [1]
  • Mineral oils [2]
  • Phthalates [7]
  • Anthraquinone[3]
Rice cartons, muesli and cereal cartons, infant formula [1]
  PE (polyethylene)
  • Polyolefin oligomeric saturated hydrocarbons (POSH) [4]
  • UV stabiliser [8]
Beverage cartons, frozen food cartons, baby formula [9]
  • Aluminium [10]
Snacks, cough drops
  PP (polypropylene)
  • Polyolefin oligomeric saturated hydrocarbons (POSH) [4]
  • Erucamide, oleamide [9]
  • Antioxidants (BHT) [9,11]
  • Benzophenone [12]
Bag in box [9]

*Layer in direct contact with food


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