In an article published on October 10, 2018, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) informed that it has proposed 96 substances for evaluation by the EU Member States (MS) in 2019-2021 under the Community Rolling Action Plan (CoRAP). Of these 96 substances, “28 substances are planned to be evaluated in 2019, while 43 are currently listed for evaluation in 2020 and 25 for 2021.” Newly, the CoRAP document also identifies “the groups of structurally similar substances that could potentially be evaluated together.”

The substances were selected in cooperation with the MS using “risk-based criteria.” ECHA emphasized that “it is important that the use and exposure scenarios as well as the exposure estimations are up to date and clearly documented within the registrants’ chemical safety reports.” To ensure the completeness, registrants of listed substances are invited to “start coordinating their actions.” They should also contact the authority of the MS responsible for a particular evaluation. Downstream users of listed substances “should review the information they have available and share it with the registrants.”

Next, the draft CoRAP document will be discussed by the ECHA’s MS Committee, who will “prepare an opinion on the draft plan in February 2019.” The adoption and publication of the final CoRAP list is expected in March 2019.

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