In an article published on May 9, 2018, the industry association American Chemistry Council (ACC) informed that on the same day members of its Plastics Division announced a commitment “to recycle or recover all plastic packaging used in the United States by 2040 and to further enhance plastic pellet stewardship by 2022.” Regarding packaging, the two specific goals are: 1) “100% of plastics packaging is recyclable or recoverable by 2030,” and 2) “100% of plastic packaging is re-used, recycled or recovered by 2040.”

Steve Russel, ACC’s vice president of plastics, said that the new agreements “demonstrate . . . overarching commitment to sustainable materials management,” along with intention “to transition to increasingly circular systems.”

The six key areas to be addressed include “designing new products for greater efficiency, recycling and reuse; developing new technologies and systems for collecting, sorting, recycling and recovering materials; making it easier for more consumers to participate in recycling and recovery programs; expanding the types of plastics collected and repurposed; aligning products with key end markets; and expanding awareness that used plastics are valuable resources awaiting their next use.”

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