On February 7, 2014, the Belgian Council of Ministers published a press release (in French) reporting on a new law enforcing the nation-wide registration of nanomaterials from January 1, 2016 and of mixtures including nanomaterials from January 1, 2017. The new law affects particles with a diameter smaller than 100 nm, which may have presently unknown toxic and eco toxic properties. Belgium intends to extend the registration requirement to articles containing nanomaterials. It may follow after an evaluation of this measures. The new law empowers Belgian authorities to respond quickly to potential public health dangers linked to nanomaterials and to implement safety measures for workers exposed to them. The intention of the new law is the harmonization of the technological progress and sustaining public health. Furthermore, the law aims to assure transparency and thereby gaining public confidence for nanomaterial substances. The Belgian law on nanomaterial registration follows the example of France and will be likely followed by Denmark, which declared its intention for an implementation (previously reported by the FPF).

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Sarah Delafortrie and Christophe Springael (February 7, 2014) “La Belgique met en place un registre des nanomatériauxSPF Chancellerie du Premier Ministre – Direction générale Communication externe (in French)


French regulation (Décret n° 2012-232) (in French, pdf)

Danish Draft Order on the register of mixtures and articles containing or releasing nanomaterials (in Danish, pdf)