On April 9, 2019, non-governmental organization CHEM Trust published an article that presents five key principles recommended for the future EU regulation of chemicals in food contact materials. CHEM Trust argues that “current EU laws regulating the chemicals used in food contact materials (FCM) such as food packaging, cutlery, and factory equipment do not properly protect public health” and specifically highlight materials such as paper, inks, and linings, which are not regulated through harmonized EU-level laws. In response to the ongoing public consultation on EU FCM regulation (FPF reported), CHEM Trust uses the article to outline five aspects that they believe the new EU regulation must ensure:

  • “A high level of protection of human health
  • Thorough assessment of chemicals in materials and final articles
  • Effective enforcement
  • A clean circular economy based on non-toxic material cycles
  • Transparency and participation”

The principles are described as being inspired by the “Copenhagen Charter,” which is a set of five principals agreed by a coalition of NGOs in 1999 to inform the development of the EU’s REACH chemicals regulation.

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