According to a report published on October 22, 2014 by the Swedish Toxicology Sciences Research Center (Swetox) the possible carcinogens chlorinated paraffins (CPs) leach at high levels from hand blenders intended for household use. Swetox analyzed twelve hand blenders purchased on the Swedish market for chlorinated paraffins. The results showed that eight of them leached CPs into prepared foods. Five hand blenders leached CPs at levels considered high by the organization. CPs are considered persistent organic pollutants and classified as possible carcinogens. Swetox considers the hood just above the rotating blade to be the source of the CPs. The organization also sent the report to the Swedish Chemicals Agency and the National Food Authority. In the press release on the webpage of Stockholm University, Åke Bergman, head of Swetox, states that the effects of exposure to the CPS may be serious, especially if small children are affected. He further asserts that under current Swedish law it is impossible to keep track of which substances are used in products.

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Stockholm University (October 22, 2014). “Updated with report: Hand blenders used for cooking can emit persistent chemicals.