In a press release published on May 18, 2015 retailer Coop Denmark announces that it will no longer sell microwave popcorn because its packaging contains fluorinated substances. Renowned researchers and authorities are concerned about fluorinated substances in food packaging because these chemicals are endocrine disruptors and potential adverse health effects include increased risk of cancer, miscarriage and weakened immune system. Already in 2014, Coop Denmark started to phase out all fluorinated substances in their own brands. For microwave popcorn they have tried to find alternatives to fluorinated substances in packaging with their suppliers, but unfortunately there is no solution yet. Until safer options are available, Coop Denmark has decided to completely stop the sale of microwave popcorn, said Malene Teller Blume, Department Manager of Chemistry and Nonfood, Coop Denmark. Philippe Grandjean, Professor of Environmental Medicine at the University of Southern Denmark, considered Coop Denmark’s voluntary initiative excellent as it will help reduce children’s exposure to hazardous fluorinated substances. Xenia Trier, who holds a Ph.D. in food packaging from the Technical University of Denmark and helped launch the debate on the subject, agreed and praised Coop Denmark for taking responsibility and making an effort to create a demand for consumer products without fluorinated substances.

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