On April 26, 2013 Andreas Kortenkamp, endocrine researcher at Brunel University, United Kingdom argued in front of the French Senate that there should be a legal requirement to test chemicals with the currently best available test method for the identification of endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs). Professor Kortenkamp presented the most recent research and policy developments of EDCs before the French Senate during a conference entitled “Endocrine disruptors- winning back public health”. The researcher supported the World Health Organization’s definition of EDCs and the application of a “weight of evidence” approach. The French Senate expressed concerns that using a case-by-case approach to identify EDCs may prove too time-consuming, and stressed the need for a precautionary approach. France aims to develop a national strategy on EDCs. The plan that was welcomed by Kortenkamp, who expressed hopes that France may become a leader in tackling EDCs.

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