In an article published on September 10, 2015 by the digital edition of The Guardian, journalist Emma Howard reports on a novel packaging alternative to plastic water bottles. Startup company Skipping Rocks Lab developed a spherical form of packaging called Ooho! and described by its creators as “water you can eat.” Ooho! is made from calcium chloride and a seaweed derivative called sodium alginate, Howard explains. It is biodegradable, hygienic and edible, Howard further notes. According to Pierre Paslier of Skipping Rocks Lab, Ooho! resembles a “man-made fruit”, which uses a double membrane to contain water. Single water capsules can be packed into a larger and thicker skin, much like an orange, to carry larger quantities of water. Skipping Rocks Lab recently won a EU competition for new sustainable products and were awarded capital investment to further develop their product.

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