On March 9, 2018, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) published the annual report of its Scientific Network for Risk Assessment of Nanotechnologies in Food and Feed (Nano Network). The Network was established in 2010 to facilitate “the exchange of information between EFSA and Member States, as well as the prioritization of risk assessment activities” in the field of nanomaterials. Twenty Member State delegates attended the Network’s 2017 meeting which was hosted by EFSA on November 28-29, 2018 in Parma, Italy. At the meeting, the Network provided expert advice and comments on EFSA’s draft guidance on the risk assessment of nanomaterials in food and feed. The draft nano-guidance was published on January 12, 2018 (FPF reported) and a public consultation was open until March 4, 2018 (FPF reported).

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EFSA (March 9, 2018). “Annual report of the EFSA Scientific Network of Risk Assessment of Nanotechnologies in Food and Feed for 2017.EFSA Supporting Publications 15(3):1393E.