On June 19, 2020, the Food Packaging Forum (FPF) submitted comments on the European Commission’s (EC) roadmap for its chemicals strategy for sustainability. In its comments, FPF identified four aspects it considers to be “most relevant in the context of hazardous chemicals in food contact materials.” These include:

  • Achieving better protection of human health
  • Intentional use of hazardous chemicals
  • Inconsistencies in EU chemicals regulation
  • Research needs for innovating products and policy

Specifically, the organization urges the EC to (i) ensure “sufficient funding is made available for research and development of appropriate tests . . . that can be used for the assessment and regulation of chemicals” including “appropriate, rapid, and cost-efficient biological test methods to identify mixture toxicity for hazard properties of concern using the key characteristics concept” and (ii) “prioritize substitution of known hazardous chemicals in food contact material use” and thoroughly test any substitutes for toxicity to avoid regrettable substitutions.

The EC’s chemicals strategy aims to support simplifying and strengthening the legal framework related to chemicals in the EU, moving towards a process of “one substance – one assessment” across regulations, and reflecting on the latest “scientific evidence on the risk posed by endocrine disruptors, hazardous chemicals in products including imports, combination effects of different chemicals and very persistent chemicals.” Public feedback on the roadmap was accepted until June 20, 2020 (FPF reported), and a total of 424 responses were received.

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