In an article published on November 22, 2017, regulatory news provider Chemical Watch reported that the Danish government will invest in a new initiative aiming to protect vulnerable population groups (e.g. unborn children and young people) from harmful substances, such as endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs), in consumer products and food. The initiative will run from 2018-2021 and receive €38.3 million in funding. The goals include preventing allergies, enhancing information on chemicals in products, biocides, and food, as well as promoting eco-labels. A good part of the funding will go towards knowledge building and research into EDCs, as well as increasing control of chemicals in imported products. The initiative is a joint effort by the Danish government, the Danish People’s Party, the Social Democrats, the Unit List, the Alternative, the Radical Left, and the Socialist People’s Party. Their political agreement is available (in Danish) on the website of the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark.

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