The non-governmental organization Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL), partnering with The Endocrine Disruption Exchange (TEDX), has developed new infographics on the topic of endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs).

HEAL highlights that peer-reviewed research “has shown significant associations between EDC – even in low doses – and adverse health effects such as cancers, fertility problems, obesity and some learning disabilities.” Therefore, “everyday exposures to EDCs contribute to modern health epidemics,” summarizes the infographic “Low Doses Matter.”

HEAL further explains that the government agencies that evaluate EDCs continue to rely on “outdated methods,” although “more accurate scientific tests are already available.” The infographic “Modern Science Matters” calls on the governments to use “the latest, most accurate and predictive scientific methods to identify potential health threats from exposure to EDCs,” in order “to better protect public health.”

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HEAL (March 13, 2019). “Infographic – Low Doses Matter.

HEAL (March 25, 2019). “Infographic – Modern Science Matters.


HEAL and TEDX (2019). “Low Doses Matter.(pdf)

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