On April 28, 2014 the newspaper Huffington Post published an article suggesting that the damage caused by plastics amounts to food poisoning. In the article, journalist Lisa Kaas Boyle points out that food contains many chemicals from plastic packaging, which may lead to changes in fertility, metabolism and cell growth. She argues that the scientific study by Patricia Hunt on the effect of bisphenol A (BPA) on Rhesus monkeys provides conclusive evidence that estrogen-like chemicals cause adverse health effects in humans. Janet Nudelman, Director of Program and Policy at the Breast Cancer Fund, is cited in the article stating that “a women’s lifetime risk of breast cancer is directly linked to her lifetime exposure to estrogen – both natural and synthetic”. Randy Jirtle, professor at Duke University Medical Center, U.S. contends that the time right after conception is the most sensitive time for exposure to estrogenic compounds. In addition to BPA, the article addresses phthalates and further provides a list of advices on how to minimize exposure to chemicals migrating from plastic food contact materials.

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Lisa Kaas Boyle (April 28, 2014). “Plastic is food poisoning.” Huffington Post.