In an article published on September 6, 2017 by regulatory news provider Chemical Watch, reporter Clelia Oziel informed about a new report on per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) and total organic fluorine (TOF) in consumer products. The report was published by the Nordic Council of Ministers and the product tests were conducted by the Swedish Chemicals Agency and the Nordic Chemicals Group. 52 samples of different consumer products – including textiles, food contact materials (FCMs), waterproofing treatment sprays, waxes, polishes, and rinsing aids – were analyzed for 22 different PFASs as well as TOF. The study showed that PFASs are widely used in all of the analyzed product types. The most commonly detected PFASs were perfluorinated carboxylic acids (PFCAs), most frequently perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA, CAS 335-67-1) and perfluorobutanoic acid (PFBA, CAS 375-22-4), in the low µg/m2  and µg/L range. For most of the analyzed samples, the sum of detected PFASs constituted less than 1% of the measured TOF concentration. This finding illustrates a large knowledge gap regarding which PFASs are being used in products.

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