On November 18, 2020, news provider Chemical Watch reported on the publication of a draft standard for polyethylene (PE) food contact materials (FCMs) from the Tanzanian Bureau of Standards (TBS). The standard lists the maximum allowed levels in percentages by mass for hundreds of chemical additives that can be used in the manufacture of PE. These include, among others, the presence of carbon black (CAS 1333-86-4), polyvinyl cyclohexane (CAS 25498-06-0), silicon dioxide (CAS 7631-86-9), titanium dioxide (CAS 13463-67-7) as well as ten metals and emulsifying agents. Compliance with the standard is planned to be ensured through a written assurance by suppliers. Apart from this, the standard also includes detailed testing methods. The World Trade Organization (WTO) was notified on November 9, 2020, by the Tanzanian authorities, and the restrictions are expected to be implemented by summer 2021.

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