The German Environment Agency (UBA) has published the third report in its series investigating the data available in REACH registrations. This latest report evaluated the availability and quality of the information included in registration dossiers for the medium tonnage ban (100 – 1,000 metric tons per year). It specifically reviewed information on eight endpoints (developmental, reproductive and repeated dose toxicity, mutagenicity, biotic and abiotic degradation, bioaccumulation and ecotoxicity) as well as the environmental exposure assessment. The review found that on average 45% of the data evaluated for a specific endpoint were “compliant,” an average of 24% were “non-compliant,” and an average of 31% was too “complex” to reach a conclusion on compliance. The study found that 24% clearly identified as being non-compliant shows that “the availability and quality of toxicological and ecotoxicological information provided in registration dossiers may be subjected to improvements.”

UBA previously presented its findings on the compliance of high volume chemical registrations in its first report in 2015 (FPF reported) and its second report in 2018 (FPF reported).

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UBA (March 2020). “REACH Compliance: Data availability in REACH registrations – Part 3: Evaluation of 100 to 1000 tpa substances.”