In an article published on March 28, 2018, news provider Plastics News Europe reported that the UK government has announced plans to establish a bottle deposit return scheme to increase recycling and reduce littering and pollution. According to a press release published on the same day by the UK’s Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA), the deposit return scheme “will be introduced subject to consultation later this year.”

The scheme will first be established in England and target single-use drinks containers made of plastic, glass, or metal. The consultation will “look at the details of how such a scheme would work, alongside other measures to increase recycling rates,” and “take into account views from producers, suppliers and consumers to ensure that any system introduced works across the country,” DEFRA informed. The introduction of a bottle deposit return scheme is part of the UK government’s efforts to reduce plastic pollution. In January 2018, the country released its 25 Year Environment Plan committing to eliminate avoidable plastic waste (FPF reported).

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