A report published in April 2015 by the Spanish non-profit organization Fundación Vivo Sano shows the use of bisphenol A (BPA) in the Spanish food industry. The foundation conducted a survey addressing food businesses operating in the Spanish market, asking them for their position on BPA and inquiring about its presence in their metal food packaging. In total 101 companies were contacted; around 25% responded to the survey and 5 companies explicitly stated that no BPA was used in their products. The survey was conducted in late 2014. A full list of the companies invited to participate in the survey, as well as the responses received by the NGO, are given in the report.

In their report, Fundación Vivo Sano concludes that consumers cannot freely choose to avoid BPA because of a lack of information about its presence in products. They also urge for an increased awareness in the food industry that BPA is of concern in their opinion, especially for pregnant women and children. Further, the foundation urges to ban BPA from food contact materials as France has already done.

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Fundación Vivo Sano. Bisfenol A: Una sustancia tóxica en las latas de comida. April 2015.