On May 30, 2017, the Standing Committee on Plants, Animals, Food and Feed (PAFF Committee) held the latest meeting on the European Commission’s (EC) revised draft criteria to identify endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs). The EC’s Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety (DG SANTE) published a summary report of the meeting on its website. The EC’s latest proposal for EDC criteria includes some amendments resulting from the previous PAFF Committee meeting that took place on May 17-18, 2017 (FPF reported) and where a scheduled vote on the criteria was postponed (FPF reported).

According to the summary report, the EC “reminded that it did not intend to reopen technical discussions on the criteria at the present meeting” and further informed that “it was decided not to take a formal vote during this meeting in order to provide further time to Member States to establish their position.” The next PAFF Committee meeting has not yet been scheduled.

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DG SANTE (May 31, 2017). “Summary report of the Standing Committee on Plants, Animals, Food and Feed held in Brussels on 30 May 2017.(pdf)