Opinion: TSCA reform is toxic

Article in The Intercept outlines how U.S. chemicals regulation reform overrides states’ efforts to restrict toxic chemicals

U.S. Senate approves TSCA reform bill

Udall-Vitter chemical safety bill approved by U.S. Senate; House and Senate must now unify TSCA reform bills to create new U.S. chemical safety law

The war on science?

Investigative article in In These Times outlines how chemical industry influences and delays U.S. chemical regulation by informing with manipulated and misleading “science”

TSCA reform bill approved by U.S. House of Representatives

The U.S. House of Representatives votes in favor of Toxic Substances Control Act reform bill; U.S. Senate will vote in July 2015

Udall-Vitter chemical safety bill moves forward

US Senate Environment and Public Works Committee passed chemical safety bill to reform TSCA

Labor organizations question TSCA reform bill

American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations identified serious flaws in Udall-Vitter chemical safety bill

Opinion: No hope for new TSCA reform proposal

Interview with senior adviser for Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families; new U.S. House proposal is no health-based safety standard

Unknowns in chemical exposure

Wall Street Journal reports on persistent chemicals from consumer products, uncertainties in exposure and toxicity

Optimism for TSCA reform

Newspaper The Hill reports on awaited U.S.’ chemical safety law reform, Committee hearing shows U.S. Senators generally in favor of bill

American Nurses call for tighter chemical regulation

Nurses Association urges U.S. Senate to modify Chemical Safety Improvement Act, calls for substitution of harmful chemicals