According to an article published on May 28, 2014 by the news provider The Chemical Engineer today the head of research at the chemical manufacturer BASF, Andreas Kreimeyer has claimed that there is no need to create register of nanomaterials. Author Richard Jansen reports that Kreimeyer stated at a BASF press event that the company would not support the creation of a nano-registry, which is currently discussed both at the European and the Member State level. Denmark, France and Sweden have already begun to establish such a registry at the national level. Robert Landsiedel, head of short-term toxicology at BASF, said that the large surface of the nanomaterials relative to their volume and its resulting special properties may also create a special kind of toxicity. Kreimeyer argued that the European chemical regulation REACH is sufficient for controlling the hazards ensued by nanotechnology. He pronounces that the public suspicion towards nanotechnology should not result in a moratorium for everything that is nanotechnology.

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