In an article published on August 14, 2018, news provider Chemical Watch informed about a computer and mobile phone application on per- and polyfluorinated compounds (PFCs) launched by the German Environment Agency (UBA).

PFCs are used in many consumer products (e.g., frying pans, packaging, textiles, paper, extinguishing agents) for their water-, grease-, and stain-repellent properties, the UBA explained in a press release published on August 7, 2018. Several PFCs also have toxic, persistent, and bioaccumulative (PBT) properties. Thus, they accumulate in the environment and enter the food chain – PFCs have even been detected in human breast milk, the UBA further outlined.

The PFC app includes videos, animated graphics, and short texts to inform consumers where they come into contact with PFCs, how the chemicals distribute in the environment, and what they can do to limit exposure and use.

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