On January 24, 2017 the European Parliament’s (EP) Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI) voted to amend the draft EU waste package, including directives on waste, landfills, packaging, and vehicle, battery and electronic equipment recycling (FPF reported). The proposed waste management targets for 2030 foresee raising the share of waste to be recycled to 70%, limiting the share to be landfilled to 5%, and reducing food waste by 50%. Regarding packaging materials, the ENVI Committee proposed an 80% target for preparation for reuse and recycling for 2030.

The European Container Glass Federation (FEVE) welcomed the ENVI Committee’s decision to adopt “the ambitious proposals.” FEVE highlighted the importance of “separate collection across all EU Member States” to ensure “the highest quality of recycled secondary raw materials for manufacturing.” On a critical note, Adeline Farrelly, secretary general of FEVE, advised that “this legislation must remain material neutral and focus on setting rules and principles on end of life for all materials to fulfil.”

The industry association European Bioplastics (EUBP) also congratulated the ENVI Committee on its vote amending the waste package. EUBP stated that “the adoption of the amendment encouraging the use of bio-based resources for the production of packaging is a first important milestone that concretely links the concepts of circular economy and bioeconomy.”

The full house of the EP will vote on the proposals in the waste package at the plenary session of March 13-16, 2017 in Strasbourg, France.

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