The Food Packaging Forum has published the first episode of its new video blog “Unwrapping Food Packaging.” Hosted by Jane Muncke, the organization’s managing director, the series aims to introduce viewers from civil society organizations to fundamental topics and new scientific developments within the field of food packaging and health. This includes understanding the chemical composition of food packaging, how these chemicals can transfer into food, the potential resulting health impacts, and efforts being made by stakeholders to address this to protect human and environmental health.

In this first episode, Jane explains why food packaging cannot be considered “safe” in the sense of not containing hazardous chemicals. She introduces the fundamentals of chemical migration, toxicity of hazardous chemicals, low dose exposures, and chemical mixtures. The episode also discusses current gaps in the EU regulations on food contact materials (FCMs) and articles (FCAs).

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Unwrapping Food Packaging (October 30, 2020). “Food packaging is safe, right? Food Packaging Forum