On October 5, 2017, the Food Packaging Forum (FPF) held its fifth public workshop in Zurich, Switzerland, themed “Scientific challenges in the risk assessment of food contact materials.

Speakers from academia, regulatory authorities, food brands, and testing laboratories shared their views on the chemical safety of food contact materials (FCMs), presented the latest scientific findings, and discussed challenges.

The essence of their presentations is captured in short speaker interviews: Prof. Dr. Martin Scheringer, Dr. Eddo Hoekstra, Melissa Van Bossuyt, Dr. Jean-Pierre Cravedi, Dr. Benoit Schilter, Dr. Karim Bschir, Dr. Marco Zhong, Dr. Thomas Gude, Dr. Maricel Maffni, and Dr. Jane Muncke. All of the speaker spotlights are now available on the event website.